Intervention Services

When repeated attempts to persuade a family member to seek help are unsuccessful, a professional intervention can be a life-saving step. Interventions may also improve and restore the integrity of the family unit.

Addiction Interventions: This is a loving, carefully organized approach used to break through the individual and family impact that often accompanies Substance Use Disorders (SUD). In a controlled, safe setting, our experienced staff allow family and friends to express their love and concern. At the same time, they offer options that will create a healthy and positive outcome for the individual struggling with a SUD.

Mental Health Interventions: Untreated mental health conditions can have a devastating impact on individuals and their loved ones.  Therefore, LWPG has developed this unique and much needed service tailored for individuals who are struggling to acknowledge and address their symptoms.

Corporate Interventions: A carefully organized approach is used to break through the barriers to care that often accompany SUDs and mental health issues in the workplace. In a controlled, safe setting, our experienced staff allows Human Resources, coworkers and family members to express their support and concern.

A member of our team works with everyone involved throughout any of the intervention processes. After the first contact from a concerned family member, colleague or friend, we put a plan in motion. Because we recognize that each intervention is unique, we tailor the course of action to provide the best resources available at that time. Our goal is to help individuals begin a path to hope, healing and self-empowerment.

For more information or to request an appointment, please contact us.