Assessments & Treatment Recommendations

It can be challenging to know where to begin with you or a loved one needs addiction and mental health treatment.  The Internet offers so many options that navigating this process can become overwhelming.  Many medical providers do not always know where to direct patients.  Therefore, LWPG offers a unique service for individuals who would like to simplify this process as well as understand their addiction and mental health symptoms clearly and receive treatment recommendations.  The LWPG Biological, Psychological and Social (BioPsychoSocial) Assessment is highly comprehensive and allows our clinicians to gain clarity about the client’s background, presenting symptoms, family and social dynamics allowing our team to create robust Treatment Recommendations that include level of care, clinical interventions and services, self-help meetings and family support options.  These recommendations may also include internal and/or external services that can range anywhere in the continental United States. We are also able to provide written court mandated substance use assessments.

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