Comprehensive Case Management

LWPG provides concierge addiction and mental health treatment services and coordinates care with our in-house team and external providers.  LWPG’s Comprehensive Case Management (CCM) services include assessing the appropriate level of care and clinically appropriate services for each client.  Case Managers track progress and coordinate care with providers inside and outside of LWPG.  The CCM monthly packages are customized and may include individual therapy/addiction counseling, family therapy/coaching, care coordination, Soberlink monitoring and Urine Drug Analysis.  We also offer Comprehensive Family Case Management (CFCM) for families navigating their relationship with a loved one with addiction and/or mental health issues and determining a customized treatment package. LWPG strongly believes in a team approach to adequately support families and their loved ones. Our Family in Recovery (FIR) series can also be integrated into CFCM. 

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