Gambling and Gaming Disorder Therapy

While the occurrences of gaming and gambling disorders have increased with online accessibility, there are few clinicians who specialize in this treatment. Lynch Wellness has Gaming Health Specialists trained to work with clients struggling with these symptoms. A gambling or gaming disorder—also referred as compulsive gambling, or pathological gambling—is not limited to casino gambling. There has been a rapid increase in access to gaming and gambling through electronics and a subsequent rise in disorders. Frequent playing of lotteries, sports betting including fantasy sports, dice games, scratch-card games, slot machines, poker and other card games, and roulette, whether online, on phone apps, or in person, may signal a gambling or gaming problem. Daily personal involvement in stock markets including cryptocurrencies, and difficulty in being able to reduce or stop trading activity, can also signal problem gambling behavior. Problem gambling affects individuals of any age, gender identity, race or ethnicity, or socioeconomic background. Individuals with a gambling disorder are more likely to struggle with substance misuse and are more likely to experience mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, medical and legal problems, and are more likely to risk their jobs and personal relationships.

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