Sober Companion and Transport

Sober companions provide lived and professional recovery experience to those in early sobriety. Their lived experience allows them to better empathize and provide compassionate care. A sober companion’s job is to make sure that individuals are not alone during the process and to tailor their care. Sober companions live with clients and are able to assist in various areas of a client’s life that may include:

  • Keeping home space organized and substance-free
  • Providing coping skills to manage daily stress from work, academics and/or loved one
  • Meal planning
  • Support if having nightmare or trouble sleeping
  • Accompanying to self-help meetings, therapy or other appointments
  • Attending social events that may be a potential high risk for relapse
  • Identifying local recovery resources
  • Providing family support
  • Collaborating with other treatment team members

Sober transport is a short-term role that includes a professional accompanying an individual on either a trip to treatment, returning home from treatment, or for other travel needs to ensure safety and sobriety.  They have a similar role as a sober companion, but for a more limited amount of time and specific purpose.

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