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A professional intervention can be a life-saving step for those struggling with substance use disorders. Our interventions offer a safe and loving approach to persuade your family member to seek help. We strive to create a healthy and hopeful outcome while restoring the integrity of the family unit.

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Substance use disorders create a world of painful emotional stress and confusion for all involved. We offer support, guidance and specific plans of action to individuals and families. We believe that positive change is possible. We are here to help uncover that new, promising path.

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The behavioral healthcare industry is changing rapidly. With more than three decades of experience, Dan Lynch provides professionals and businesses with specialized insight on current effective treatments, education and policies in the field of substance use disorders.

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The Lynch Wellness Professional Group is dedicated to rebuilding lives and restoring hope for individuals and families facing substance use disorders. Our team of professionals offer behavioral health services, including intervention and personalized therapy, as part of a comprehensive and balanced treatment program.

Founded by industry expert and advocate Dan Lynch, the Lynch Wellness Professional Group is also a valuable resource in the behavioral health community. With direct access to specialized connections and an extensive understanding of the field, Lynch Wellness Professional Group offers support, guidance and educational services to businesses, companies and facilities nationwide.



Initial Consultations

It all starts here. We’ll gather background information that will help us create a specific, individualized treatment plan.

Intervention Services

If the need is immediate, we will work with you to organize an intervention: a safe and loving approach to help someone with a substance use disorder seek help.


We offer one-on-one or family group sessions in order to identify coping strategies that will help with the healing and recovery process.



With decades of experience, Dan Lynch offers expert guidance and advice on treatment services and programs for substance use disorders, licensing requirements, policies and individual case management solutions.

Presentation Opportunities

A trusted source and a voice for recovery, Dan Lynch is committed to sharing his professional expertise, knowledge and personal story with the public.