Recovery Coaching

A Recovery Coach supports clients by serving as a personal guide for individuals in early sobriety. They offer lived experience of addiction recovery and provide a wide variety of client support services that extend beyond those that clinicians would provide. These coaches work with clients on relapse prevention strategies, connecting them with sober peers, self-help meetings, and encourage hope, optimism and healthy living. Additionally, recovery coaches work on wellness goals that may include physical, environmental, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, academic, occupational and social.

LWPG utilizes Recovery Coaches as an integral part of our treatment team. They are able to engage with clients on more of a peer-to-peer level than the clinical team members and are able to address possible community and environmental barriers to sobriety.

“Studies [of peer recovery support for individuals with substance use disorders] demonstrate improved relationships with providers and social supports, increased satisfaction with the treatment experience overall, reduced rates of relapse, and increased retention in treatment. It is clear that peer support services can provide a valuable approach to guiding consumers as they strive to achieve and maintain recovery.” (Rief, et al, 2014)

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