Holistic and Alternative Health Services

Holistic can be defined as “whole person” and is a form of treatment that examines all aspects of health and wellness.  This approach includes a balanced approach of healing the mind, body, and spirit using both conventional and alternative treatment techniques.

This holistic approach to healing focuses on preventative medicine, which means taking care of our underlying physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. On the other hand, the standard medical model concentrates on treatment after a person becomes physically or mentally ill. 

LWPG concierge services is pleased to coordinate the integration of a wide range of alternative service options that may compliment their more traditional treatment services.  Addiction and mental health conditions can lead to a lack of harmony between the mind, body and spirit that can take long lengths of time to heal.  These services may include:

  • Dietician and nutritionist
  • Yoga and stretching
  • Breathwork
  • Acupuncture
  • Personal Training

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