Industry Consulting and Outreach

The Lynch Wellness Professional Group offers comprehensive consulting services to professionals and businesses in the behavioral healthcare industry. With more than three decades of experience, Dan Lynch is available to offer expert guidance and advice on substance use treatment services and programs, licensing and regulatory requirements, healthcare law and policy contracts, as well as individual case management solutions.

Dedicated to further expanding the reach, policies, education and solution-focused treatments in the field of substance use disorders and behavioral healthcare, Dan provides effective and specialized consulting services to the following:

  • Substance use disorder rehabilitation programs
  • Specialty community behavioral health centers
  • Independent providers and therapists
  • Hospitals and physicians
  • Community health centers and organizations
  • Support groups and organizations
  • Inpatient service providers
  • Primary care programs with integrated behavioral health services
  • Attorneys
  • Drug testing companies
  • Government officials and policy makers
  • Financial managers