Service Fees

Lynch Wellness is self-pay for services and does not currently accept insurance. We accept MasterCard and VISA.

Initial assessment with therapy recommendations: $150.00 for 60 minutes
Individual therapy sessions: $135.00 per 45-60 minutes
Couples therapy: $175 per 60 minutes
Family treatment sessions: $175.00 per 60 minutes
Home based family consultations and assessment: Starting at $500.00
Treatment team meetings: $300.00 per 60 minutes
Phone session conducted by individual clinician: $135.00 per 50 minutes
Phone conference calls conducted by treatment team: $300.00 per 60 minutes
Intervention consultations: $750.00 (to be applied towards intervention fee)
Interventions service: $6,500 flat fee

Case management consulting:
At times, a situation may arise that requires more in-depth and complex treatment services. The experienced staff at Lynch Wellness Professional Group is available to work with attorneys, physicians, hospitals and healthcare facilities to determine and arrange optimal treatment solutions for individuals and families. For these coordinated, team-based services, we require an upfront retainer, starting at $5,000.